26 March 2017
28 Jumada al-Thanni 1438
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Course Proceedings

The publication of the outcomes of the courses organised by the Maqasid Centre attest the important results of the activities of the centre.

In particular, those publications underline the co-operation agreements between al-Furqan and other institutions involved in the organisation of the courses. It includes the shared interest for the activation of the maqasid in the field of the deep scientific research dealing with studies on purposes of Islamic law and Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), in the methods of teaching Islamic law sciences, comparative law, and philosophy of law, civil law as well as personal status issues such as marriage, divorce and inheritance.


The Objectives of Sharīʿah: Principles and Concepts (Research articles)

By Various Contributors

This book comprises sixteen studies revolving around the historical development of the discipline of maqāṣid traceable from the era of the Prophet’s Companions, until its foundations were firmly laid by al-Shāṭibī, and those following him, led most prominently by Shaykh Ibn ‘Āshūr. He also further highlighted the role of maqāṣid . . .



Applying the Sharīʿah Objectives between Fear and Leniency (Research articles)

Ahmed al-Raissouni

This book is composed of a set of researches and scientific papers presented at the training course organised by the Maqāṣid centre at Al-Furqān Foundation, in co-operation with the maqāṣid Research & Studies Centre (Rabat), Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (Sais-Fes) and the Faculty of Letters & Humanities (Sais-Fes) - . . .



The Objectives of Sharīʿah and the International Conventions (Research articles)

Various Contributors

This book includes the proceedings of the Seventh Training Course organised by the Centre for the Study of the Philosophy of Islamic Law at Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation in co-operation with the Alexandria Centre for Arbitration and Legal and Economic Services at the Faculty of Law, University of Alexandria, under . . .


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