20 September 2017
29 Dhul-Hijjah 1438
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In order to spread the awareness about the importance of the purposes of Islamic law (maqasid), Al-Furqan has been publishing the proceeding of public lectures organised by the Maqasid Centre on topics that connect the maqasid to the concerns of contemporary society.


The Problematic of Defining the Umma’s Major Interests: A Multidimensional Critical View

By Ibrahim El-Bayomi Ghanem

This highly engaging, informative, and important lecture addressed the higher interests of the Muslim nation (al-Ummah), and the problems in apprehending them. Professor Ibrahim El-Bayomi Ghanem, in his lecture, provided depth and thoroughness, reflecting critically and with originality on the numerous sides of each argument. He addressed the majority of . . .



Arts and Maqāṣid: The Arts that serve Maqāṣid, and the Maqāṣid that serve the Arts

By Noureddine Khadmi

This important lecture addresses a fundamental and critical contemporary topic, namely the “alternative arts”. These are described as alternative because the underlying intention is to establish arts based on an Islamic frame of reference, through competence and integrity, a comprehensive concept, genuine resolution, and insightful authority. The goal is to . . .



Stem Cell Treatment: An Approach Based on the Philosophy of Islamic Law

By Abdelghani Yahyaoui

This book presents a maqāṣid–based field study that acquires significant importance, in addressing a highly technical medical question in the domain of contemporary issues linked to the preservation of self, combating disease, and preventing illness. This is the issue of stem cell treatment, as a topical matter in this time . . .


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