25 May 2019
20 Ramadhan 1440
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Religion & Civilisation: Protection of Civilisation: An Objective of Religion

By Various Contributors, Edited by Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation
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This book is the fruit of the proceedings of the international conference held in Istanbul, titled “Religion & Civilisation: Protection of Civilisation as a Purpose of Religion”, co-organised by the Centre for the Philosophy of Islamic Law at Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation, İbn Haldun University, and the Alliance of Civilisations Institute. The conference aimed to bring the topic of protection of civilisation as an Islamic law objective into the spotlight, and how it may be applied in addressing contemporary reality and its rapid changes. Indeed, it is essentially one of the universal objectives of Islamic law, i.e. the Sharī‘ah, and considered among its most important fundamental objectives. Indeed, all the legal rulings conveyed by the Noble Messengers were based in their objectives on securing and protecting civilisation, where mankind was tasked with being vicegerents (istikhlāf) by undertaking the responsibility of 'civilising the earth' by employing all the provisions granted by God in His creation, and using these for that purpose. An eminent assembly of erudite scholars, well-versed in objectives-based jurisprudence and its application participated in the conference, ensuring it was well-grounded and in harmony with reality and current requirements in the different domains of civilisation, through linking to textual evidence (ta’ṣīl), application (tanzīl) and methodology. The academic papers revolved around the following topics: the objective of civilizational development (‘umrān): a critical scientific view; the role of religion in achieving social ʿumrān; the role of society in building ʿumrān; the objective of preserving ʿumrān and in the etiquettes and rulings of government and Islamic law-based governance; the objective of preserving ʿumrān and good governance; the movement of civilisational cycles and the network of general laws affecting it: A methodological, Qurʾānic and objective-based approach; and the Qur’ānic discourse and the human project: a rightly-guided, value-based reading.


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