19 June 2019
16 Shawwal 1440
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Objectives of Islamic law in Light of the Noble Prophetic Sunnah: Methodology of Understanding the Sunnah and its Objectives

Edited by Ahmed Al-Raissouni
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Within this book, the reader will find refereed papers relating to the proceedings of the first training course on the topic “Objectives (Maqāṣid) of Islamic Law in the Light of the Noble Prophetic Sunnah: Methodology of Understanding the Sunnah and its Objectives”. This was organised by the Centre for the Study of the Philosophy of Islamic Law, belonging to Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation in London, in collaboration with the Maqāṣid Research & Studies Centre in Rabat, and in coordination with the Islamic Sciences & Urban Studies Laboratory and Maliki Jurisprudence & Dispute Management Masters at the Faculty of Letters & Humanities in Meknes, on 2-4 May 2018, in Meknes, Kingdom of Morocco. Undoubtedly, the objectives of the Noble Qur’ān and Prophetic tradition (Sunnah) represent the totality, as well as the source, and substance of all the Islamic law objectives. Therefore, the search for, and research into the Noble Qur’ān and Prophetic tradition must be the defining start and end of every researcher and pursuer of Islamic law objectives. One of the purposes of this training course is to empower Muslims, whether laypersons or scholars, to achieve to the furthermost extents in harnessing the Sunnah and its treasures, scientifically and practically, in the diverse spheres of life. This training course addressed a number of methodological principles and rules that are necessary for sound understanding, wise derivation and application of objectives, and balanced utilisation of the Prophetic tradition. The refereed papers addressed different aspects of the training course topic, and revolved around: “Objectives-based Sunnah (al-sunnah al-maqāṣidiyyah)”; ”The dialectic of the relationship between Noble Qur’ān and Prophetic tradition, in light of the higher objectives of the Prophetic Sunnah”; “Ranks of Prophetic acts (al-ṭaṣarufāt al-nabawiyyah)”; “Objectives-based reasoning (al-nażar al-maqāṣidī), its rules and effect in establishing the Ḥadīth narration and its interpretation”; “Prioritising actions (al-‘amal) over Prophetic tradition: an objectives-based perspective”; “The cases relating to individuals (al-a‘yān): indications, attributes, and objectives”; “The objective of custom in the Sunnah of the best of mankind”; “Application (al-tanzīl) as an objective of the Prophetic Sunnah”; “The dialectic of jurisprudence and Prophetic tradition, and its influence on comprehending the objectives of the Prophetic Sunnah”; and “Applying the Islamic law universals to understanding the Prophetic Sunnah”.


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