25 May 2019
20 Ramadhan 1440
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Catalogues of Islamic Manuscripts

Part of the Foundation's work is to fund projects in cataloguing and set up cataloguing of private and national collections of Islamic manuscripts in various part of the world. In this section you will find handlists and descriptive catalogues of the different collections the Foundation has published.

The Foundation has continued to bring more uncatalogued collections into its cataloguing project and to place its main emphasis on areas where Islamic manuscripts are endangered and the resources to take remedial steps are lacking. 

Al-Furqan aims to achieve these goals through the study and cataloguing of collections of Islamic manuscripts that have never been catalogued and through their documentation (imaging) by using the best available technological means.


Catalogue of Manuscripts in Shebeen El-Koom - Egypt

Prepared by Youssef Ziedan

This catalogue presents descriptions of 282 manuscripts that are held in the library of Shebeen El-Koom in Egypt. It covers areas of creed, jurisprudence, the sciences of Ḥadīth, Sufism, language, logic, philosophy (ʿilm al-Kalām) and other subjects. Amongst its collections are manuscripts considered rare because of the small number of . . .



Catalogue of Manuscripts in Mamma Haidara Library

Prepared by Abdelkader Mamma Haidara, Edited by Ayman Fuad Sayyid

This catalogue lists more than 3000 manuscripts which are held in the library of Mamma Haidara for the Manuscripts and Records in Mali. The subjects treated are various, such as the uniqueness of God (tawḥīd); tafsīr or the science of Qurʾān; interpretation, Ḥadīth, jurisprudence, literature, grammar, Sufism, astronomy, praise of . . .



Catalogue of Manuscripts in Ghana Libraries

Prepared by Baba Yunus Muhammad, Edited by Ali Abd al-Mohsin Zaki

This catalogue holds listings of collections of manuscripts found in 16 libraries in Ghana, most of them private libraries. The majority of their authors are from Morocco and Andalucía with several local authors. The subjects of the manuscripts varied and cover creed, jurisprudence, Sufism, history, politics, dream interpretation and medicine. They . . .


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