23 October 2017
3 Safar 1439
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Lectures on Manuscripts

In order to strengthen its links with those who are interested in the Islamic heritage and culture, the Foundation has inaugurated a series of public lectures which draw on topics that connect the Islamic heritage with the concerns of contemporary society, such as spiritual and intellectual issues in the Muslim world.

In this section you will find the monographs of the public lectures organised by the Foundation in the topics related to the subject of Islamic manuscripts, presented by experts and scholars in the field. You will also be able to view the gallery of events as well as listen to the lectures when available.


Palaeographical Aspects of Qurʾānic Manuscripts and the Qurʾānic Fragments of the University of Birmingham

By Qasim al-Samarrai

This lecture took place in London, on 23rd November 2015, and resonated with the news that materialised earlier that year about the discovery of some fragments of Qur’an kept at the Mingana Collection in the Birmingham University Library. The assertion that the document - kept at Birmingham University - is . . .



Perspectives on the Methodologies of Critical Editing of Arabic Manuscripts

By Bashar Awwad Marouf

This book follows the lecture delivered by one of the major experts in the field of critical editing, Dr Bashar Awwad Ma’rouf, on Wednesday, 2 March 2016, titled “Introduction to Editing Manuscripts”, within the framework of the Tenth Training Course on Editing, organised by Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation, in cooperation . . .



Late Arabic Scientific Commentaries: Their Role and their Originality : Works of Shams al-Dīn al-Khafrī (1550 C.E./956 A.H.) - Arabic version

By George Saliba

The book at hand focuses on the importance of scientific commentaries, especially manuscripts on astronomy, authored between the thirteenth and the sixteenth century. Dr Saliba demonstrates that particular commentaries were distinguished by the introduction of new scientific thinking, and also a level of astronomical mathematical sophistication that outmatched any of . . .


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