19 June 2019
16 Shawwal 1440
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In order to spread the awareness about the importance of the purposes of Islamic law (maqasid), Al-Furqan has been publishing the proceeding of public lectures organised by the Maqasid Centre on topics that connect the maqasid to the concerns of contemporary society.


The Purpose of Self-Preservation in the "Jurisprudence of Waters": An Exercise in Criticism and Renewal of the “Explanatory Proverbs” in Maqāṣid Teaching

By Ibrahim El-Bayomi Ghanem

This book presents a study in jurisprudence of purposes of Islamic law (fiqh al-maqāṣid) with focus on demonstrating the purpose of “self-preservation” in the jurisprudence of water, and in motivating a renewal in the study of jurisprudence of water in a way that contributes to fulfilling the purpose of “self-preservation” . . .



Causation Based on Wisdom: Admissibility and Instances in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence (The Work of Shaykh Muhammad Mustafa Shalabi as a Model)

By Mohamed Selim Elawa

This lecture formed part of the proceedings of the training course organised by the Centre for the Study of the Philosophy of Islamic Law at Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation, in partnership with the maqāṣid Research & Studies Centre (Rabat), Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (Sais-Fes), the Master Course on the . . .



Purposes of the Islamic Financial Law

By Abdallah bin Bayyah

In this book, Shaykh bin Bayyah emphasises the need to consider the maqāṣid al-Sharīʿah (objectives of Islamic law) in a number of topics currently being addressed such as that of inflation, the sale of non-existent items and other issues of important concern to contemporary society. All of these requiring a . . .


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